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Product Description

3D Home Architect Home Design Deluxe Version 9 is the ultimate, high quality home design tool that will assist you transforming the idea of your dream home in a reality--all at a value price. Taking home design to the next level, Home Design Deluxe offers a wide variety of features that utilize the latest design techniques and technologies.

 Take a 3D walk-through of your design
Design Your Dream Home With Ease & Accuracy
Whether you're designing the home of your dreams, decorating a bathroom or just updating your kitchen, the new intuitive interface provides you with tools to plan, visualize and execute your design ideas. You also have the option of looking through ready-made home plans and rooms.

 Design any room to your specifications

                                        Drag-and-drop textures, colors, and objects into any room

Product Features
Create a structural frame for your home use the Framing Tool.
Use the Roofing Tool to decide on roofing styles and materials.
View various remodeling options using the wide variety of material templates.
Browse through the large library of appliances and choose the one that's right for you.

Additional Helpful Capabilities
Choose from a wide variety of viewing options as you design your home. This DVD based design solution is Powered by Punch! Software--the leader in high-end home design software. Home Designer v.9 is Windows/Mac compatible. The possibilities are endless with this all-in-one home design solution.

Interior Design & Decor
Design any room in your home to your exact specifications. Choose from thousands of furnishings, textures, and color combinations. Your design options are endless!

3D Home Tour
When your home design is complete, take a 3D walk-through tour of the inside or a 3D fly-around tour of the outside.

Doors & Windows
Customize the size of each window and door using the design tools.

Product Description
Are you longing for a bigger, better, or brand-new home? Stop dreaming and start designing! Featuring professional grade drafting tools in an easy, intuitive interface, 3D Home Architect Home Designer 9 is the jump-start you've been looking for. Convenient wizards help you create basic plans fast, while 3D walk through tours guarantee a flawless finished project. It's easier to get started, easier to access and use your tools and easier than ever to design the home of your dreams -- down to the very last detail. This DVD based design solution is Powered by Punch! Software – the leader in high-end home design software. Home Designer v.9 is Windows/Mac compatible.

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