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Luxury and Elegant Bungalow House Plans at Leisure Farm, Singapore

We give you the best picture gallery luxury and elegant bungalow house plans at Leisure Farm, Singapore for your minimalist landscape design. This is best design bungalow floor plans that makes cool stylesh home interior decor. Elegant bathroom decor on this bungalow using modern furniture with unique tiles design. The Exterior bungalow homes is beautiful with modern swimming pool models. This livingroom using white sofa for luxury looks. Bar concept design ideas combine contemporary athmosphere with ethnic elegant furniture. I think this luxury and elegant bungalow house plans at Leisure Farm, Singapore is the best design ideas. (more…)
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Best Picture Interior Design Layout with Luxury Wall Decor Ideas

We get the best picture interior design layout with luxury wall decor ideas for your modern life style. Blend between beautiful floor decorating and best modern furniture on this luxury home design looks very pretty on this minimalist house interior design ideas. Red and white furniture color looks elegant on this modern luxury living room. The elegant carpets flooring support the best picture interior design layout with luxury wall decor ideas become reality. (more…)
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Czech Library design – Future Systems

Czech Library design award refused by Kaplicky amidst Future Systems separation

The husband and wife partnership of Jan Kaplicky and Amanda Levete, being dubbed as the parents of ‘blob architecture’ , has for 20 years been considered revolutionary in the context of their firm, Future Systems. But now, following the couple’s separation after 15 year of marriage, the pair have extended this divide into business pointing to what some are calling, the end of an era.

Today, Czech press agency Ceske Noviny are reporting that what could have been regarded as a defining triumph for the firm, the awarding of an annual award in the plastic arts and architecture category by the Czech Culture Ministry, has turned into a bone of contention as Kaplicky has refused the award for his Czech National Library (NK) design.

Future Systems won the design competition for the new library design last year with a colourful, curvaceous structure which is designed with an anodised aluminium tiled skin and commonly referred to as ‘Octopus’. Kaplicky’s award snub comes following strong disagreements with the Culture Minister Vaclav Jehlicka who dismissed the head of NK following the competition last year stating that the competition was not in accordance with the law.

Opposition to Kaplicky’s design is still strong in Prague with the Czech Prime Minister adding his disapproval and the Culture Minister is reporting that they are looking into using the existing library site with an added annex, according to Czech news site Aktualne.

If the build is allowed to complete, in 2011 Prague will be host to one of the most modern libraries in the world with an automated book storage and retrieval system, comfortable and colourful reading rooms and a viewing platform at its top level. The denial of this would signify a marked retreat from modern architecture in the popular tourist city.

slate covers library extinction, architecture.

As the title “Borrowed Time: How Do You Build a Public Library in the Age of Google?” might suggest, the author is skeptical of recent efforts to recreate central public libraries as the physical embodiment of 19th to mid 20th century civic idealism, judging that while “retro ballparks have enjoyed success with the public… I’m not sure that trying to re-create the library-as-monument has an equal appeal.” Instead, he praises the approach of Seattle and Salt Lake City to fashion new libraries with a more urban and contemporary allocation of space and technology.

Ending on a by now overly familiar note, the author dredges up business futurist Ross Dawson’s extinction timeline, which predicts that libraries will disappear in 2019. (Incidentally, the demise of butchers, free parking, post offices, the size 0, and unfenced beaches are predicted in the same year). Recognizing this as arguably ridiculous, Slate concludes that public library as Grand Ideal is the only aspect likely to disappear so quickly:

“[I]n its mutating role as urban hangout, meeting place, and arbiter of information, the public library seems far from spent. This has less to do with the digital world—or the digital word—than with the age-old need for human contact.”

Jenny Levine points out that this essay focuses almost completely on the physical space libraries occupy, completely ignoring the web as an aspect of our services. Frustrating as it may be, this is a persistent symptom of public opinion and press coverage of libraries in general. While we scramble to redefine ourselves and transform old services using new models, most people still think of libraries as they have existed physically for so long – buildings and books – and will likely continue to do so, with incremental change, for the forseeable future. Library buildings are culturally powerful as physical spaces, and ones that most people maintain strong connections/aversions to and memories of throughout their lifetimes, which I believe is one reason our attempts at “rebranding” have to date been so difficult. As such, libraries of all kinds have become choice targets for sweeping predictions about radical cultural change brought about by social digitization – we remain fixed in place, conservative, and traditional in the minds of most, despite plenty of (well-concealed?) evidence to the contrary. I just wish that we were credited for our undeniable staying power as sitting ducks a bit more often.

Villadom Design (CA1002-1)

Product Description

We supply 3D modeling design, highly photo-realistic renderings, perfect animation, panorama and working drawings. You can view your home before decoration.

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Quick modeling function Mass and updatable library
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More Product FeaturesTrademark: hello
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The Luxury Interior Design Collection

 Interior Design Photos

 Interior Design Photos

 Interior Design Photos

Interior Design Photos

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3D Home Architect Home Design Deluxe Version 9 is the ultimate, high quality home design tool that will assist you transforming the idea of your dream home in a reality--all at a value price. Taking home design to the next level, Home Design Deluxe offers a wide variety of features that utilize the latest design techniques and technologies.

 Take a 3D walk-through of your design
Design Your Dream Home With Ease & Accuracy
Whether you're designing the home of your dreams, decorating a bathroom or just updating your kitchen, the new intuitive interface provides you with tools to plan, visualize and execute your design ideas. You also have the option of looking through ready-made home plans and rooms.

 Design any room to your specifications

                                        Drag-and-drop textures, colors, and objects into any room

Product Features
Create a structural frame for your home use the Framing Tool.
Use the Roofing Tool to decide on roofing styles and materials.
View various remodeling options using the wide variety of material templates.
Browse through the large library of appliances and choose the one that's right for you.

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Choose from a wide variety of viewing options as you design your home. This DVD based design solution is Powered by Punch! Software--the leader in high-end home design software. Home Designer v.9 is Windows/Mac compatible. The possibilities are endless with this all-in-one home design solution.

Interior Design & Decor
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Customize the size of each window and door using the design tools.

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Are you longing for a bigger, better, or brand-new home? Stop dreaming and start designing! Featuring professional grade drafting tools in an easy, intuitive interface, 3D Home Architect Home Designer 9 is the jump-start you've been looking for. Convenient wizards help you create basic plans fast, while 3D walk through tours guarantee a flawless finished project. It's easier to get started, easier to access and use your tools and easier than ever to design the home of your dreams -- down to the very last detail. This DVD based design solution is Powered by Punch! Software – the leader in high-end home design software. Home Designer v.9 is Windows/Mac compatible.